Harold Hughes

Operating Partner


Harold Hughes has brought energetic leadership and operational excellence to the plethora of companies he has worked with over the past twenty five years. In a career spanning the financial gamut – from wealth management, alternative investments, financial services technology, and strategic leadership support for early stage companies – Harold has relentlessly pursued differentiated strategies that consistently produce remarkable results. As a software entrepreneur and elite operator, Harold specializes in aligning revenue and software development initiatives towards common objectives.

By the time Harold was recruited by LeggMason in 1996, he already had over six years in leadership positions at the intersection of sales, technology, and financial services. At LeggMason Harold quickly found his stride, leading product development, sales strategy and P&L responsibility in the mutual funds wraps division. By dint of excellent performance and a discerning eye for alternative revenue opportunities, Harold began collecting departments. By 1997 he was in charge of four departments; a year later it was up to six, and by 2000 he was responsible for managing eight departments at the 140-year old investment bank, building incredibly efficient teams and driving impressive results.

At AllianceBernstein, the global asset management leader, Harold attained a similar upward trajectory. At AB he was responsible for building and managing investment teams across the Americas, UK, and Europe. It was here that Harold developed a unique recruitment policy based on personality and aptitude rather than experience and competency. He often hired individuals with no experience as financial advisors and trained them to be incredibly proficient. This is one of many differentiated strategies Harold used to propel incredible return multiples for the teams under his watch. Under his leadership as CEO of AllianceBernstein Investments, Harold lowered the compensation cost per dollar of sales by 42%, and increased gross sales by 152%, moving net sales from negative to net positive over a four year period.

An extensive knowledge and range of experiences in wealth management provided an ideal stepping stone into financial services technology, early stage consultancy, and private equity and venture capital investment markets. It is in this domain that Harold plies his trade today.

In 2014, Harold co-founded Cumulus, a data storage technology to augment data accessibility for cloud and on-premise systems for financial services companies.

As an operator at Morgan Hill, Harold collaborates with client companies in New York and Maryland, specializing in the financial services sector.

Functional AreasRevenue, Strategy and Execution

Sector SpecializationWealth management, Financial services