Chris Butlin

Operating Partner


Professional Experience
20 years leading teams of multidisciplinary engineers in a variety of high-tech industry verticals including Aerospace, Telecoms, Robotics, Industrial Controls, Information Technology and a 5-year placement as General Manager of the Molecular Diagnostics division of Bayer Inc. Followed by 10+ years working with high-tech private equity companies providing management consulting expertise combined with engagements as interim CEO to lead companies through restructuring and refinancing preparing for M+A. Career has had a strong focus on development of enterprise and SaaS software products.

Sector Expertise
Expertise developed working with a broad spectrum of large industrial concerns in early career became invaluable when working in private equity, advising investors on growth strategies leading to improved company efficiency, increased revenues and ultimately better ROI at time of exit. Breadth of technical expertise has proven to be very valuable when working with venture capitalists holding portfolios of companies covering a broad spectrum of high tech activities.


  • Managed small to very large (500+) multidisciplinary teams of highly qualified engineers building state-of-the-art flying vehicles (missiles, weapon delivery systems), navigation, guidance and control systems and space robotics projects. Teams under Chris’s leadership designed and built the space shuttle robotic arm and robotic systems in use on space station freedom.
  • Much of career with large and small companies was focused on turnarounds and restructuring of companies or large projects to increase efficiency, become competitive or avoid bankruptcy. Individual contributor and leadership of teams of consultants was provided in each case.
  • Significant achievement in rescuing Bell Canada from an embarrassing situation where software for Toronto’s new toll road was poorly planned, executed and delivered to the government client behind schedule. Complete rebuild of team, processes, project management, QA and leadership of the enterprise resulted in a huge success for Bell and a subsequent public success for Ontario’s government when the road opened on time. This was the first of many large turnaround successes for Chris.
  • General Manager of the Molecular Diagnostics Division of Bayer Inc, with full responsibility of P+L, Sales/Marketing, R+D, Manufacturing (2 plants) and development in San Francisco was a great success which provided valuable Biotech experience, understanding of the FDA process and contacts within the FDA.
  • During the last 10+ years, Private Equity investors have valued Chris’s expertise in assessing and advising on turnaround and restructuring challenges in portfolio companies, especially those demanding culture- or organizational change and strong leadership to drive the target company towards a successful M+A