Apply our PLAYBOOK to your business

Our growth playbook

Honed at hundreds of tech companies, our proprietary playbook drives value and transparency through a defined process aligned by growth stage and company discipline.

A differentiator for us - a strategic advantage for you

Our unique playbook is the backbone of our services, allowing for consistency and scalability across our delivery and a layer of transparency for all stakeholders. For clients, the platform takes the pain out of growing by offering a consistent path to value, giving you the tools and resources you need -- when you need them.
We dive deep to uncover growth opportunities, identify where clients need to be, and understand how to get them there.
Road Maps
We collaboratively devise a strategic road map to propel growth from the current state to the desired state.
Our experienced operators execute the plan, working shoulder to shoulder with company leaders to complete objectives that drive value.

Plays for each aspect of your company

Every technology company can be broken into five company disciplines that need to be aligned at every stage of growth in order to maximize value. Through our platform and process, we engineer strategies to drive alignment and value.
The company discipline is the backbone of any great startup. It is used to develop unique strategies to align your product, positioning, and pricing in available market opportunities and assist in investment preparation and facilitation to support your growth needs.
The talent discipline helps identify and acquire talent and develop an enduring culture. Talent guides clients through the challenges of talent vetting and acquisition, employee compensation alignment, and culture creation.
The product discipline defines what the business is creating to capture the value identified in the company discipline. This discipline helps clients identify and execute on the most favorable technology strategy and product road map. We have an extensive network of partners that can augment your team, increasing flexibility and agility.
The revenue discipline guides the strategy that drives revenue from the product. This discipline supports top-line growth through the creation of sales strategies and processes, customer discovery, marketing strategies and campaigns, branding, and positioning.
The operation discipline guides the behind-the-scenes processes that make the company scalable. This discipline creates efficiencies in business operations through process automation, financial planning, and legal strategies.
Meet the team behind the playbook
Our team of specialists is on a mission to maximize value for our clients. Meet the team and learn how we have helped businesses like yours.