Superior returns

Reduced risk,
enhanced performance

MHP delivers superior outcomes for financial sponsors
by identifying and executing creative growth options
that maximize shareholder value.

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Maximizing portfolio returns through operational leverage

Our model enables financial sponsors to implement a scalable operating partner model that has proven effective at the best-performing funds.
Deep, Curated Talent
We are a curated group of serial entrepreneurs and executives with broad experience and deep industry specialization. Our mission is to dig deep to engineer creative growth solutions that maximize returns for stakeholders.
Unique Methodology
Our operators maximize portfolio returns by combining their deep experience with our proven methodology to design the right strategy. Our methodology is a growth framework that is designed to be measurable, repeatable, and scalable for businesses of all shapes and sizes.
Aligned With Your Success
We believe in being more than a hired gun. We align our incentives with our clients by linking our fees to their results and collaborate to unlock the full potential of their portfolio.
Operational Leverage
We provide scalable fractional executive support that fills the gaps that sabotage your portfolio's progress, putting you on a path to maximize returns.
Meet our elite team
Our team of specialists is on a mission to identify and execute creative growth strategies that maximize shareholder value.

Areas of expertise

We provide financial sponsors with the tools and talent to drive superior returns. In order to maximize value provided to our clients, we design custom solutions for each client we partner with.
Due Diligence
We drive better investment decisions by performing meticulous due diligence that evaluates and identifies market dynamics, competitive landscapes, opportunities for growth, and risks of the business.
Our team dives deep and asks all the tough questions that need to be asked to achieve superior returns. Our assessments create a holistic view of company performance, highlighting strengths and weaknesses, and making recommendations.
Portfolio Company Support
Our specialists craft and execute creative growth strategies in all disciplines of a company. Our strategies create a path to value, recruit and retain top talent, minimize technology risk, drive revenue growth, and implement effective operations and oversight.
We bring operational leverage to bear on portfolio companies that are not meeting expectations, working with speed and agility to minimize risk and maximize returns.
Mergers and Acquisitions
We specialize in all aspects of M&A: strategy, planning, deal preparation, execution, and post-deal transition.
Deal Flow
Quality deal flow is hard to find. We work with investment partners to prepare promising companies for capitalization giving, with our partners having the first right of refusal.
Within every portfolio are companies that hit inflection points when the critical next move will destabilize the organization or provide the structure it needs to prosper. Our model uncovers opportunities and proactively creates strategies to address these issues.
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