Over the years Steven has worked with numerous Kodiak portfolio companies, as a board member and operator driving strategy and execution to increase enterprise value and exit options. His deep knowledge of enterprise software and tech-enabled services has been invaluable.

Kodiak VenturesDave Furneaux Founder

We considered using one of the big three strategy firms and worried about their fit with our culture. The Morgan Hill team was much more affordable and was a perfect fit for our fast-moving, innovative team.

Rally RoadRob-Petrozzo Co-Founder

MHP possesses that critical and rare combination of being able to think and execute both strategically and tactically. Assessing the market and establishing direction with conviction, hiring around that and building a team attitude to execute against is a method that comes naturally to their operators.

Gotham VenturesDanny Schultz Managing Director

I have hired Morgan Hill as a CEO on three different occasions. In each case, they were able to clarify the vision and direction for the company while using their knowledge and experience with operational best
practices to improve day-to-day execution.

PaladinPhilip Eliot Venture Partner