Morgan Hill Partners
Build better tech companies

An elite team of seasoned operators whose mission is identifying and executing creative growth options to maximize value
- in a fundamentally new model.
MHP was founded on the principle that deep industry knowledge, pragmatic operating expertise, and a unique playbook produce superior results.

We create and execute strategies, aligning with stakeholders to achieve objectives. Honed at hundreds of technology companies, our innovative, capital-efficient model is field-tested and, quite simply, works.

Creative growth strategies

Our operators deploy a proprietary growth framework containing the critical elements and processes required to build a scalable business. We create a stable underlying architecture that companies need to become an engine of growth.

Developed by an elite team

We are an elite team of serial entrepreneurs and operators with deep experience in leadership roles across industries. Our operators-as-a-service model gives clients access to a scalable team of sector- and discipline-specific operators who are eager to develop creative approaches that drive results.
Driving outcomes over outputs
We work alongside our clients and partners, rolling up our sleeves and digging in to achieve objectives. We believe in being more than an advisor so we put ourselves in our clients' shoes, delivering outcomes, not outputs. We align our incentives with our clients by linking our fees to their results and collaborate to unlock the full potential of their business.

Our track record
Capital raised by the team's partners since 2001
Users of our partners' and clients' enterprise products
Companies transformed by our team
Aligned with your success
Sector focus
Although we work with technology businesses in every industry, our operators specialize in the following areas
We have participated in the disruption of the financial services industry by helping design, build, and sell best-of-breed financial services software products.
Transportation and Logistics
We have a long, successful track record assisting companies that deploy data and software solutions to disrupt the travel and transportation industry.
Big Data
We have deep experience in advanced analytics solutions as they apply to business intelligence optimization.
Emerging Technology
We aid companies working on groundbreaking technology to leverage assets, build successful businesses, and get to market faster.
We have helped innovative companies usher in the internet-of-things, extending digital connectivity across mobile, desktop, and everyday objects at a rapid pace.
Enterprise Software
We have built, managed, and sold enterprise solutions across a variety of markets for startups and enterprise firms, including some of the biggest names in tech.
Our experience in healthtech enables companies to navigate and find growth in this complex and challenging industry.
Tech-Enabled Services
We have deep experience and expertise in growing and successfully exiting tech-enabled service companies.
Our expertise in retail and omnichannel allows our operators to build innovative solutions and drive results in this complex market.
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